Investiva Launches Human-Touch Solutions for Automated Trading System

Investiva’s Approach to Automated Trading Systems: Achieving Synergy between Technology and Human Insight

London, UK – 14/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Investiva is proud to announce it Human-Touch solutions for automated trading system. In the dynamic realm of Australian finance, investment specialist David Friedman charts a course through evolving market trends. Recent data underscores a notable uptick in the adoption of various financial instruments, spanning shares, ETFs, and cryptocurrency. Technological strides, fostering enhanced accessibility through online platforms, persist despite market undulations. Advocating cautious and informed decision-making, Investiva stands as a beacon in this landscape, merging cutting-edge automation with the insights of experts like Friedman.

While over-optimization can pose a challenge to automated trading systems, Investiva acknowledges the importance of human experts in preventing excessive curve-fitting. Collaborating with seasoned market professionals ensures that trading strategies are tailored for real-world efficacy, avoiding the pitfalls of relying solely on historical data.

Also, the potential for mechanical failures in automated systems emphasizes the need for continuous monitoring. Human experts on the platform play a crucial role in identifying and rectifying anomalies promptly, safeguarding traders against technological glitches.

Features of Investiva’s Automated Trading Systems:

1. Adapting to Market Conditions:

Investiva mirrors the philosophy of adapting to market conditions. In a dynamic financial environment, automated systems play a central role in swiftly responding to market shifts. The ability to execute trades promptly based on predefined criteria is a significant advantage, ensuring traders don’t miss out on crucial opportunities.

2. Efficient Money and Risk Management:

Investiva shares the principle of effective money and risk management. Automated trading systems empower users to implement precise risk management strategies, adhering to predetermined rules. This results in disciplined trading and minimizes emotional decision-making, essential for long-term success.

3. The Human Touch

Investiva goes beyond the conventional approach by offering exclusive 1-on-1 trading meetings via Zoom, real-time signals, and market updates curated by industry veterans. David Friedman, a senior investment specialist at Investiva, emphasizes, “the greatest potential of Artificial Intelligence is realized when people acknowledge that its full understanding requires a continuous partnership with humans.”

4. Education and Guidance:

Investiva provides a comprehensive learning experience through a full learning page and academy for investors. Classes, video tutorials, and personalized 1-on-1 trading sessions with investment specialists ensure that traders are equipped with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the complex world of financial markets successfully.

Investiva’s approach strikes a harmonious balance between cutting-edge automated trading systems and the invaluable insights of human experts. He emphasizes, “In the pursuit of financial success, technology is a powerful ally. The synergy between technology and human expertise propels traders towards sustained success in the dynamic realm of financial markets. (By David Friedman, Senior Investment Specialist at Investiva)

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